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  • Guangxi Yulin Hongjin Agri-Products Market
  • China – ASEAN (Qinzhou) Agri-Products Marke
  • Henan Luoyang Hongjin Agri-Products International Logistics Center
  • Henan Kaifeng Hongjin Agri-Products International Logistics Center
  • Wuhan Baishazhou Agri-Products Market

The Hongjin China (Agri-Products) International Logistics Center is a high-end brand of domestic agricultural wholesale market programmes under China Agri-Products Exchange Co., Ltd. Since 2009, the company has been investing agriculture-related resources in functional fields such as warehousing, logistics, trading, settlement, cold-chain, e-trade, employment, education and finance through the first-class image, first-class facilities and first-class management system, in practicing China Agri-Products Exchange Co., Ltd.’s “Benefiting Agriculture” Philosophy.

The Hongjin (Agri-Products) International Logistics Center, from the date of its establishment, has continuously driven forward the overall modernisation, centralisation, systematisation, standardisation and internationalisation in upgrading the group’s “Hongjin” brand programmes in Greater China.