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Functional positioning of group programs

Trade Center, Safety Testing Center, E-Settlement Center, Information Center, Cold-Chain Logistics Center, Processing & Distribution Center, Warehousing Center, Supporting Commercial Center, etc.

Professional Business planning of group programs

Vegetables Trading Zone, Fruits Trading Zone, Cereals & Oils Trading Zone, Dried Food Trading Zone, Aquatic Products Trading Zone, Frozen Products Trading Zone, General Food Trading Zone, Agri-Products Trading Zone, etc.

Current programs under investment attraction include:

Wuhan Baishazhou Agri-Products MarketHotline:027-88105482 Xuzhou Agri-Products Center Wholesale MarketHotline:0516-83966200 Yulin Hongjin Agri-Products Wholesale MarketHotline:0775-2308888
Luoyang Hongjin Agri-Products International Logistics CenterHotline:0379-69936666 Puyang Hongjin Agri-Products International Logistics CenterHotline:0393-8608111 Kaifeng Hongjin Agri-Products International Logistics CenterHotline:0371-222392220371-22985777
China – ASEAN (Qinzhou) Hongjin Agri-Products MarketHotline:0777-2857272 Panjin Hongjin Agri-Products International Trade CityHotline:0427-5586266 Huai’an Hongjin Agri-Products International Logistics CenterHotline:0517-83788734