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The group will continue the construction of a nationwide agri-products exchange market network based on its leading position in the industry, replicable business model, well-established management system and superior customer services.

According to the Number 1 Documents of the PRC government, agricultural development will once again become the primary policy objective of the Chinese Central Government. The policy stresses the importance of rural reform, and will speed up the modern agricultural development through infrastructure subsidies and investments. To firmly seize opportunities brought by relevant favorable policies, the group will continuously increase investments in China’s agri-products wholesale markets.

By virtue of our leading position in China’s agri-products exchange markets, the group will develop large-scale wholesale markets in multiple provinces to expand its nationwide network through partnerships or direct investments,. In combination with our successful business model, professional experience and leading position in the industry, plus abundant land reserves, the group has confidence to bring long-term interests for its shareholders.