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  • 1)Test the quality of products on a regular basis, ensuring citizens receive safe and high-quality food;

  • 2)Apply the industry-leading QR code technology for convenience of independent third-party testing and timely traceability of
          supply sources;

  • 3)Make huge investments to introduce advanced safety testing equipment, arrange professional technicians and build safety
           testing centers for Hongjin programs in various regions;

  • 4)Establish the “Laboratory Management System”, ”Job Duties of Inspectors”, ”Job Duties for Sampling Staff”, “Testing Fairness
          System”, “Sampling Rules”, Inspection Instructions, etc., and make records on a daily basis;

  • 5)Announce the daily testing result on the market website and electronic display screen, issue the testing qualification certificate,
          and destroy out-of-limits varieties in a harmless way as per the requirements of the Industry and Commerce Administration
          and Agricultural Law-Enforcing Authority.